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Progressive Die
Progressive DieIt manufactures punching, bending, and drawing of processed materials in progressive die. We can provide progressive die which is pursued operability, safeness, and maintenance performance.
  • [Proven Processed Materials]
    Metal, Nonmetal, and Plastic (Board thickness 2.0mm-0.04mm)
  • [Intended Business Field]
    Lead Frame, Watch, Duplicator, Camera, Cell Phone, Parts of automobile, Motor, AV, etc.
Single Stamping Die
Single Stamping DieWe make a proposal to single die if it doesn't able to work continuity.
Drawing Die
Drawing DieIt is used for deep drawing or forging.
Combination Stamping Die (Caulking)It can reduce the work process, and it stands up for cost-cutting.
Punching Die for Variant Materials
Punching Die for Variant MaterialsWe can stamp out variant materials with die.
  • [Proven Processed Materials]
    Film, Plastic, Paper, Rubber, etc.
Metal Stamping ProductionIt products press working, such as punching, bending, and drawing of processed materials, with die.
Takara Tool & Die Hanoi Co., Ltd.It located in Hanoi, Vietnam and supplies products to neighbor countries. We excel at stamping of thin parts of Stainless steel(SUS) and small products of injection molding. Our scope of work are from manufacturing die to producing of parts.