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Injection Molding Die

Injection Molding Die
Injection Molding DieWe suggest the processing method that suits one's needs. It includes exterior trim part such as Cell phone, Narrow pitch connector, and other ultraprecise functional parts.
  • [Proven Molding Materials]
    Engineering plastic, Super engineering plastic (2tons-150tons)
  • [Intended Business Field]
    Connector (Narrow Pitch), Duplicator, Camera, Cell Phone, Parts of automobile, Motor, AV, Case, Novelty Goods, etc.
Injection Molding ProductionWe undertake precision components which is included low-volume and high-volume manufacturings.
Insert Molding Die
Insert Molding DieInsert Molding Die contains technologies of stamping and injection molding. We can support to start up insert molding production.
  • [Intended Business Field]
    Connector (Narrow Pitch), Parts of automobile, Motor, etc.
Insert Molding ProductionWe provide consistent service from precision insert molding die manufacturing (punching and molding) to production equipment for insert molding.
Takara Tool & Die Hanoi Co., Ltd.It located in Hanoi, Vietnam and supplies products to neighbor countries. We excel at stamping of thin parts of Stainless steel(SUS) and small products of injection molding. Our scope of work are from manufacturing die to producing of parts.