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Automatic Mold Equipment (Transfer Mold)Our transfer mold equipment is the installation which makes the maximum use of mold's feature to be able to complete high productivity and high extraction rate.
As more of the high density arranged productions increasing, our equipment has a stable mold clamping mechanism, a transfer regulation which prevents overshoot, and the sealing condition which can be configured by mold engineer to make it possible to manufacture high percent of non-defective products.
Trim & Form EquipmentWe have adopted actual achievements in not only metal materials but also the materials which do not use dies for many years such as substrate and resin production. We provide the installations with the electric operation and air technology which we cultivated.
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    LED, Power semiconductor (inverter etc.), Various sensors (optical semiconductor etc.), In-car device (IGBT etc.), Various semiconductor devices (capacitor, photo coupler etc.).
Silicone Resin Sealing Equipment (Accommodate to High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing)
Silicone Resin Sealing Equipment (Accommodate to High-Mix Low-Volume Manufacturing)Because of syringe-type, it can defoam and churn resin previously.
Also, you can fill up syringe to use only the quantity needed, it can reduce cleaning the piping area and useless resin substantially compare to LM-1.
In addition, there are several nozzle diameters, so they can accommodate to wide range of viscosity of resin.
The syringe installation part has cooling system, so it can prevent silicone resin from deterioration.
Various Equipments
Various Equipments
  • ・Compact Motor Assembly Equipment
  • ・Various Composite Equipments
  • ・Test Production Correspondence Equipment