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Environmental Policy and Quality Policy

Environmental Policy


Our company has ISO 14001 at all of the factory, and we are doing continuous improvement activities about environmental management systems. We respond the needs of dies which are conscious global environmental protection. To plan to contribute global protection as a die manufacturer, we will use our unique die design technology to provide reduce waste dies, energy saving dies, natural resources saving dies.
Also, we are enforcing actively at the provisions for global heating, to reduce environmental challenging agents, to make resource circulation in our production process to contribute to achieve the circulating society which is to aim for sustainable development.

Basic Philosophy
TAKARA TOOL & DIE CO., LTD recognizes environment conservation is the most important universal item, and contribute for protection of the global environment by designing and producing precision dies.
Basic Policy
  • 1) To promote environmental activities on a company-wide basis to improve environmental awareness by the participation of all employees.
  • 2) To observe environment-related laws, regulation of local government, regulation, and other requirements which our company agrees to work on environmental conservation.
  • 3) To take a hold accurately on the effect which our business activity to environment, to work out for continuous improvement activities about environmental conservation, and make an effort to prevent pollution.
  • 4) To improve environmental performance, setting and rethinking environmental objectives and environmental targets.
    Especially to work on the following topics preferentially.
    • 1)To reduce energy.
    • 2)To manage and to reduce waste.
    • 3)To use resources efficiently and to reduce consumption.
  • 5) Including this policy, environmental activities and information should be put forward to all employees, and aim at improving the quality of activities of environmental conservation and conduct instruction and awareness campaign.
  • 6) This policy is publicly available as required.

Established on March 5, 2004
CEO Yonezu Yukihiko

Quality Policy


We were certified in 1998, and already made the shift to 2008 edition in 2010.
Not only the quality of dies, but also all of the employees at the each process such as sales and marketing, engineering development, manufacture, and management are making an effort to improve continuously about quality management system. This is because to construct the framework which is to certify the quality to provide the productions which customers can be satisfied and we can get confidence.
Consistent from order to after-purchase servicing, all of the company staff members will react to the customer's requests cordially and promote proposals with abound in ingenuity. We are always going on to produce cordial productions as "from hands to hands" every day.